Terms of Service (19/10/2021)

These Terms of Service (or "the terms", "these terms") form an agreement about the use of the web service Extravaganza (the web service), between two parties:

By accessing or using Extravaganza, or by purchasing any Extravaganza subscriptions or products, you agree to be bound by these terms, so please read them carefully. If you do not agree with any part of these terms you are not authorised to access the web service. If that's you, please let us know at support@extravaganza.gallery so we can see if we can't figure something out.

Extravaganza is governed by the laws of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and the laws and courts there have sole jurisdiction over any disputes arising from the web service. If a court holds any part of these terms to be invalid or unenforcable, then the remaining bits will remain in effect.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time. We will try to provide 30 days notice if we can and if we believe they have any meaningful effect to you, if you have provided us your email address. When a change happens, regardless of whether you have been notified, if continue to use the web service, you will be bound by the revised terms, entirely replacing these terms and any previous versions of the terms or other agreements we have together about Extravaganza.


Users on Extravaganza create ‘events’ which are collections of uploaded content, called ‘exhibits’.

Free Events

Extravaganza allows users to create free events with restricted capabilities including a limited number of exhibits, to allow users to make an informed decision as to whether Extravaganza is right for them. The administration may change these capabilities or eliminate this free tier at any time.

Users may have a maximum of one free event at any time.

Paid Events

After a user has created a free event, they may upgrade it to a paid event by buying a paid subscription for that event. Paid events remain online and editable for at least the duration of the subscription, subject to the limitations listed elsewhere in these terms. If you upgrade free events to paid events you agree that you are satisfied with and understand the features and capabilities of Extravaganza. If you aren't, feel free to contact support@extravaganza.gallery.

Subscriptions are not refundable in whole or part, except when we decide to refund them on a case-by-case basis.

Subscriptions can only be purchased once per event and do not automatically renew. If the billing fails, we may have to downgrade your event, but we'll contact you to resolve your situation. You are responsible for providing correct contact information to us.

We may make your paid events online and editable for longer than the duration of the subscription at our discretion. If this happens, we are not obligated in any way to continue to make keep those events online any further. If you do not wish your event to remain online, please use the controls provided inside the web service to make the event private, or delete it.

Content Policy

You may not submit any that violates the terms of service of our technology partners, or of the laws of the countries of users, technology partners or the administration. You acknowledge that the administration reserves the right to remove whatever content or access they have to without necessarily giving any warning, refund or recourse, to comply with these terms and laws.

You may not submit any content that is intended to directly or indirectly harm, advocate harm, or profit from harm in any way, including but not limited to: emotionally, physically, psychologically, technologically, legally, or financially. Doing so may result in you and your content being immediately removed from the system without possibility of refund or recourse. You agree that we can take down any content that we see fit to for any reason, and that we are not obligated to do so for any reason beyond the requirements of the law.

If you see something on Extravaganza that violates this content policy, please contact support@extravaganza.gallery.

You acknowledge that by transmitting content to Extravaganza, that act grants the system consent to publish that content, regardless of any 'draft' or 'publish' controls that may be shown to you. This means that nothing you submit to the Extravaganza web service is secret or confidential in any way at any time.

There are features on Extravaganza that may allow you to publish links to other sites that are not controlled by us in any way. We don't know what they're doing and have no control of that whatsoever. You agree that we aren't directly or indirectly responsible for anything regarding those sites or the links to those sites.


You warrant that you are sharing and publishing content you are legally licensed to. By uploading content to the site you are granting the web service and administration license to publish and alter that content in any way the administration believes is necessary to make Extravaganza function, and for advertising and marketing purposes. However we make no claim to own any content you upload. You agree that we can use your trademarks or logos to market Extravaganza.

If you see something on Extravaganza that was uploaded without licence, please contact support@extravaganza.gallery.

You agree that we own Extravaganza, all legal rights, title and interest and any possible intellectual property, regardless of where those rights exist or the registration status of those rights.


If you choose to submit ideas to us, through any medium, you are doing so freely without expectation of reward or obligation of any kind. You are giving them to us expressly so we can use them or ignore them any way at all. Thank you, we really appreciate it. The best way to do this is to email support@extravaganza.gallery.

Limitations of Liability

Extravaganza is a computer program and is therefore made of lots of other people’s code running on lots of other people’s computers. While the administration will make best efforts to ensure it stays online and that it is a high quality experience for all, there are many aspects of Extravaganza that are simply not under the administrations’ control.

Therefore, you acknowledge and accept that Extravaganza may be unavailable at times, and that we can’t make any firm guarantees as to any aspect of Extravaganza’s speed, reliability, features or availability beyond your statutory rights as consumers under law. You agree that the administration is not responsible for any loss or damages of any kind that might arise from anyone using, exploiting, and/or being prevented from using Extravaganza, the systems comprising and connected to Extravangza, and/or the content and data it recieves and transmits. You agree that you're responsible for keeping copies of your content and data, and you agree not to use Extravaganza for anything mission critical. Extravaganza is offered on an as-is, as-available basis, and is used at your own risk.

That said, users that are having issues are encouraged to reach out at support@extravaganza.gallery and we’ll do our very best to resolve them.

Any website analytics or metrics, including those provided by Extravaganza, such as any voting features, are merely indicative, not perfectly accurate. Users acknowledge that they understand this.


The price you pay for Extravaganza is fixed, so you can easily budget events. The prices we pay for storage, bandwidth and computational resources, generally, is not. We believe that our pricing model can cover normal usage, and we encourage creative uses, and wish nothing but massive success for you. However, abuse threatens the web service for all users.

Therefore, users acknowledge that any usage that results in atypical resource consumption, as defined by the administration, may result in users or content being removed or restricted from Extravaganza without refund or recourse. Actions that may precipiate this response includes, but is not limited to: stress testing, linking to resources hosted on Extravaganza on external sites, hacking or compromising the security or privacy of users, the service or the administration, bypassing or attempting to bypass any built-in restrictions, or any sort of denial of service attack. We'll try to let you know before we take action if we can, but that may not be possible.


We may remove or suspend your access, account and content for any reason. There are a number of reasons why this might happen in the terms, but there may be other reasons. If you are removed from the system your right to use the system will immediately cease.

Privacy Policy

Personal Information

We collect basic personal information when you register an account. That information is stored and processed by Google. When you purchase a paid subscription, the information you enter will be stored and processed by our payment provider, Stripe. If you do not register an account, we do not gather any personal information at all.

We do not sell personal information gathered by Extravaganza to third parties.


Extravaganza makes use of cookies to automatically sign registered users in with Google using their personal information. Google uses cookies to collect analytics, which is anonymous data on how users are using the service so we can improve it. Extravaganza also makes use of cookies to recognise returning users to assign votes.

We take privacy very seriously. If you have any privacy concerns, please contact us at support@extravaganza.gallery