Using electronic health data to strengthen Continuing Professional Development for medical practitioners

Carol Pizzuti, Tim Shaw, Cristiana Palmieri, Rodrigo Cavalcanti

Background: In Australasia, medical regulatory bodies are recommending greater use of CPD activities that focus on reviewing performance and measuring outcomes to assist medical practitioners reflect on their practice and provide safer care. Given this, academic and industry research is increasingly investigating the use of EHD to gather quality information on the performance of medical practitioners. Notably, there is a strong interest in exploring their attitudes towards EHD and its use for CME and CPD in health-care settings. Unfortunately, few studies have provided evidence around these matters, and little research focuses on the insights of key stakeholders to develop ad hoc recommendations.

Aims: The project aims at understanding how EHD can be used to inform the design of CME plans for Australasian medical practitioners, and to establish effective CPD practices in the Australasian health-care landscape.

Methods: Primary research will be conducted using a qualitative approach. Data will be collected according to the principles of organisational anthropology and ethnography applied to Data Science and Human-Computer Interaction. Documentary analysis, interviews, focus groups, and observation will be the methods employed in the four studies that will constitute the project.

Results: Research findings are expected to offer novel insights around the use of EHD for CME and CPD purposes, and to contribute to the development of innovative recommendations for the Australasian health-care system.

Conclusions: Final considerations will be disseminated at project completion.