Podcast series to support diagnostic radiography students' wellbeing

Emily Girard, Yobelli Jimenez, Amanda Punch

Background: Diagnostic Radiography (DR) students experience challenges through their course, particularly during clinical placements, which have potential to impact wellbeing. However, clinical placements are an important part of the DR course, so it is vital that effective support interventions are in place.

Aims: This study aims to develop and evaluate a wellbeing podcast series for DR students.

Methods: A seven episode podcast series for DR students was developed. A mixed method study, encompassing an online survey and focus groups will be conducted to evaluate the feasibility of podcasts for supporting student wellbeing during clinical placements, and to explore students’ perceptions of the podcast series.

Results: Each episode includes a DR student host discussing topics of wellbeing and clinical placements with guest experts, ranging from clinical educators, current DR students, and mental health professionals. Episodes range from 20-30 minutes in duration. Episodes are available to download from popular podcast platforms and the University of Sydney’s Canvas site. Evaluation data is not yet available.

Conclusions: Outcomes of this study include a podcast series available to DR students. It is anticipated that the evaluation data will indicate the preferred podcasting content, time of upload, length of podcast and the impact of podcast listening on DR students’ wellbeing.Results from this project will provide insights for the advancement of research in DR education by identifying innovative and flexible emotional support strategies, which are effective in a physically distant environment.